Yogi Mahout

127/6 Rachapakinai road
50200 Sri Phum Chiang Mai, Thailand
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Yogi Mahout is classified in the following categorie(s): Elephant Park 
Yogi Mahout, your great journey starts NOW! 100% Fun Fun Fun guaranteed by Yogi Mahout!

The word "yoga" in sanskrit mean "to control" or "to unit", the word "mahout" means "elephant trainer". Yogi Mahout has chosen the term "Yogi Mahout" because of its aim, that is to unite you, your elephant , the surrounding nature and your fellow explorers on this journey into the nature.

The courses:
- 1 day Yogi Mahout course
- 2 days 1 night Yogi Mahout course with free accommodation

Free transportation, jungle rafting, photo CD, lunch and Jungle salad, herbal medicine for elephants, drinking water, hat and mahout outfit.


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