Wat Si Koed

50300 Phra Sing Chiang Mai, Thailand
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Wat Si Koed is classified in the following categorie(s): Temple 
Wat Sri Gerd, also written Wat Si Goet and Wat Si Koet, is an old monastery on the south side of Ratchadamnoen Road, a short distance from Wat Phra Singh in the old city of Chiang Mai. It was first mentioned in the Khlong Nirat Hari Punchai chronicle, in which Prince Damrong documented that it must have been built in 1638. The viharn of Wat Sri Gerd has a four-tier roof, of which the fourth is over a portico supported by four ornately decorated columns. Under the portico is the staircase flanked by naga balustrades. In front of the viharn is a pillar topped by a garuda bird.

Inside Wat Sri Gerd is its principal Buddha image, called the Phra Chao Khaeng Khom. It is done in the U Thong style, and is in the bhumisparsa pose, with the fingers of the right hand touching the earth. This is the pose in Buddhist iconography where the Buddha called upon the earth goddess, Mae Toranee, to bear witness to his victory over Mary and the forces of evil.

There is a traditional Thai massage school located within Wat Sri Gerd. The school is open to tourists who can attend classes for 3, 5, 7 and 10 days. Also, massages are available here at 120 baht per hour.

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By Erin Kang
On Dec 28, 2014
Hello. My friend and i am interested in the meditation there. Can we stay there on Jan. 4th or 5th? Thank you.