Wat Muentoom / Wat Mun Tum

106 Phrapokklao Road
50300 Phra Sing Chiang Mai, Thailand
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Wat Muentoom / Wat Mun Tum is classified in the following categorie(s): Temple 
Wat Muentoom is located just East of Phrapokklao Road within the old city.

The temple is believed to be named following the name of the founder. It was built by a solider called "Toom" around 2012 B.C., or 1478 C.E. The word "Muen" stands for his ranking position. Because of his great faith towards Buddhism, he started to build a temple, helped by his relatives, friends, and Buddhist people so as to worship the goodness, compassion and purity of the Buddha. After the temple has been constructed, it was named Wat Muentoom since then.

It is said that before being enthroned, every king of Lanna Kingdom went to Wat Pha-khao to change their clothes then wore white and came to Wat Muentoom to have a three day-retreat here in order to practice meditation and participate in the Long Live Ceremony. Then they continue to Wat Chet Rin / Wat Jed Lin, another temple situated on the opposite side of the road, to take a holy bath the next day.

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