Warorot Market

50300 Chang Moi Chiang Mai, Thailand
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The Warorot Market is the center of life for many communities, the buzzing early morning meeting-point where for centuries people have come together in a feast of colour, trade and human interaction.

For the past 100 years, Chiang Mai's market trading heart beat has been found, like many successful markets, down by the river. Warorot Market (Kad Luang in Thai) emerged alongside the Ping River about 100 years ago, and burst into life as a place of commerce for the incoming Chinese and Indian communities. The area rapidly became a vital trading point for the growing city and attracted a diverse and dynamic entrepreneurial spirit to the area, which lives on to this day. The market retains much of its original architecture and provides a fascinating backdrop for anyone interested in the history of Chiang Mai's diverse range of communities and how they have influenced what we now know as the city of Chiang Mai today.

The Warorot Market is located several blocks north of the Night Bazaar where Changklan Road intersects with Changmoi Road, near the River Ping.

The Warorot Market is set in and around a huge rambling old single storey building, with a high ceiling making it possible to see the floors below, which circle like large balconies around the ground floor.

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