Walen Language School

12 Huay Kaew road
50000 Chang Phueak Chiang Mai, Thailand
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Why our school?

* Guaranteed results
* Incredible method
* Enjoyable lessons
* High quality of teaching
* Friendly atmosphere
* Excellent teachers
* Great location
* Immediate Start
* Personal attention
* 1-10 years Thai student (ED) visa

Walen Guarantee

We provide you with effective, interactive Thai language lessons. We give a guarantee on our teaching, if you have a good reason why you think that the lesson was not worth your money we will not charge you for that lesson.

Thai Language and The Walen Method

The Walen Method of teaching Thai is based on a natural learning process. The teacher will teach you many new words and how they are used in everyday language. It is done in a question-answer format. As you answer questions, the teacher will help you if you find answering difficult and will revise it with you until you feel comfortable with the newly introduced work.

Teachers will constantly correct your pronunciation and tones so within a short period of time you will see a rapid and definite improvement in your Thai.

Right from the beginning you will also be taught how to read Thai. It is easier than you think! We will not teach you any Romanized transliteration of the Thai script as we believe it is completely wrong and useless. You are definitely capable of learning to read and write in Thai using the Thai script. At our school it is easier than you think!

We invite you to try a free Thai language lesson at our school. Learning Thai at our school is easy and enjoyable! Try The Walen Method Now!

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By Patrick .King.
On Dec 2, 2013
Please can you advise me, do you have a Branch in Chiang Rai ?