Chiang Mai Places - Terms Of Service

All submissions are subject to these terms. It is your responsibility to read and understand these terms prior to submitting your place for review. You must agree to these terms prior to submission of any place. Submission of a place requires your acceptance of these terms.

Basic Eligibility

In order for a submission to be eligible for listing, it must contain unique content.
  • Do not submit places which are still under construction.
  • Do not submit places that do not exist or the same place under different names.
  • Do not submit places which promote illegal activity.
  • Multiple submissions of places with the same / or very similar content may result in the exclusion and/or deletion of those and all affiliated places.
  • Do not disguise your submission and submit the same place more than once. Example : MyPlace and MyPlace Chiang Mai.
  • Do not submit information that is not in the english language.
If your place is found to be ineligible for listing, it will be deleted from the index.

Placement & Editing

Chiang Mai Places reserves the right to edit submission titles, descriptions and keywords and other information. Chiang Mai Places reserves the right to decide upon which category a submission will reside in, or move a submission from one category to another as the editorial staff sees fit. Chiang Mai Places editors may remove a listed place from the index should its content fall outside of the Chiang Mai Places basic eligibility guidelines.
  • Listing Titles will be the official name of the place. We do not list places by any other title as it will lead to a directory full of places using the same name. This will not be of benefit to you or our users.


By submitting your place to Chiang Mai Places you are stating that you agree with all of the above policies.