Thung Dong Farm

1 hours drive from Chiang Mai, in an extension of the lower foothills of The Himalayas
50220 Doi Saket Chiang Mai, Thailand
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Thung Dong Farm is classified in the following categorie(s): Guesthouse  Farm 
Thung Dong is a working farm in all sense of the word! It is not and does not intend to become a resort! However, Thung Dong Farm enjoys sharing the farm with folks who wish to come and stay to experience genuine farm-life in Thailand . The rooms are comfortable with all amenities and for sure your stay on the farm will be a memorable one.

Nestled in its’ own secluded valleys surrounded by National Park, the farm is away from any paved roads and through a river to reach the main gate. The surrounding hills and jungle which ‘turn’ with the seasons, provides perfect seclusion. A dozen cold water springs feed the lakes and ensures a pure water supply throughout the year for irrigation and use on the farm. A river from high in the mountains runs through the farm all year. Thung Dong is an ideal location to grow its crops, raise and care for its animals and provides an idyllic retreat for its guests.


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