The Whole Earth

88 Sridonchai Road
50100 Chang Khlan Chiang Mai, Thailand
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For 27 years, The Whole Earth has been Chiang Mai’s leading specialty restaurant serving savory vegetarian/Indian dishes, in a peaceful atmosphere. Our dietary philosophy is “Eating for Enlightenment”, from the belief that every fiber of food we eat has within it the total potentiality of cosmic intelligence.

No matter what we eat a stressed physiology will not make the best of it. But eating when free from stress creates a more valuable chemistry that produces better perception, which allows for a greater evaluation of the objects of perception which makes those objects more charming appreciation grows. Producing greater love, which in turn cultures the hear” (Maharishi)

Following this idea, The Whole Earth Restaurant caters a wide range of delicacies, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. No meat other than fish, seafood and Halal chicken are served in this traditional wooden house located only a few minutes walk from the famous Night Bazaar.

Two settings are available for different dining atmosphere. The house features 45 seatings in the air-conditioned hall, and 20 in the open-air balcony. In winter season (approximately from late November to mid February), extra seats are available in the garden space. For special occasions, the Whole Earth can cater for 50 – 60 guests in the bougainvillea garden.

The Whole Earth Restaurant
88 Sridonchai Road, A. Muang, Chiang Mai
Tel: +66 (0)53 282-463
Fax: +66 (0)53 819-106

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