The Master Thai Chef Cookery Course

The Master Thai Chef Cookery Course is classified in the following categorie(s): Cooking School 
We aim to show you how much fun it is and how easy it is to prepare cook and serve delicious Thai food. We use the locally produced traditional Thai ingredients and only natural substances when we prepare our food.

Our learning technique is the oldest and most successful in the world based on "learning by doing" By reading about it, hearing someone explain at the same time as he is doing it (cooking) directly followed by doing it yourself under supervision by the Master Chief it just cant be better than this. It´s the ultimate cooking lesson.

All of our courses are completely "hands - on" and in each course each student prepares and cooks a starter, a selection of main courses, and a dessert.

Depending upon which course you choose, course activities might include.

1. Visiting a local market
2. Assembling curry pastes "from scratch"
3. Learn how to buy Thai ingredients
4. Learn how to cook sticky rice
5. Learn how to combine seasoning sauce to balance the flavours
6. All the ingredients for cooking
7. Each student has his or her own cooking station
8. Learn how to make dipping sauce
9. 6 dishes per day
10. Vegetable and fruit carving
11. Drinks tea, coffee, water
12. Colour recipe book
13. Transportation is provided upon request

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