The International Annexe of Varee School

59 Moo 6 Mahidol Road
50000 Nong Hoi Chiang Mai, Thailand
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Varee International at Varee Chiang Mai

Varee International provides a quality global education in English language for both international and Thai students. The school utilizes a western approach to teach students how to be critical thinkers and evaluate situations from a global perspective. Varee Internation School seeks to be seamlessly integrated into Thai society by being an active part of a Thai school which will give them access to the rich Asian culture and heritage.

The school provides a safe and secure environment that enables the students to take risks and think creatively using inquiry base learning. The school curriculum emphasis team participation and collaboration and this teaching fosters sensitivity for individual needs.


The education of our children is the most important decision that many families have to make and in this rapidly changing world the advantages of a globally accepted qualification cannot be overstated. By choosing to become a Founder Parent at Varee International, you are giving your child the widest possible range of opportunities for lifelong success and making a solid investment in his or her future.


Varee International at Varee Chiangmai School will strive to offer the best of both worlds. To be an exceptional place of learning where high standards of education from the West blend seamlessly with the traditional Asian values of respect and cultural self-awareness, bringing the advantage of a global education to the students and with it the key to success in the world of their choice.

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