Thapae Boxing Stadium

Moon Muang Road, near Tha Pae Gate
50300 Chang Moi Chiang Mai, Thailand
Thapae Boxing Stadium on the interactive online map
Thapae Boxing Stadium is classified in the following categorie(s): Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) 
Thapae Boxing Stadium

Muay Thai or Thai Boxing is often referred as "the science of eight limbs", where hands, shins, knees and elbows are all used extensively during a fight. This is different from western boxing which only involves the fists.

Thapae Boxing Stadium (where the Muay Thai match takes place) is not big. Bright lights in shades of pink, yellow and green at the indoor pub right beside the boxing ring added a cheery ambience to the otherwise dark arena.

A special segment known as "black humour fighting" adds to the "fun factor". Before each black humour match, four fighters will be blindfolded. As a result, most of these fighters deliver their punches without knowing where they are and often hit the referee by mistake, bringing about lots of laughter and fun. Darkness, while gloomy in nature, can also bring about laughter and joy.


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