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Tai Wang Road
50200 Sri Phum Chiang Mai, Thailand
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6 weeks is not much longer than four weeks, after all!

Text And Talk Academy realizes that while most other TEFL Course providers take pride in finishing a pressure-packed course in just four weeks, Text And Talk Academy has learned from its experience that the overwhelming majority of trainees learning to teach English as a foreign or second language really like to have at their command all of the resources they know will make them successful as teachers, and enjoy taking as much time as they feel is needed to learn their teaching skills so well that they can walk into any classroom confidently.

For these teachers, the six-week TEFL Certificate Course of Text And Talk Academy is perfect, especially if they are concerned about not over-stressing themselves, while at the same time learning all that is to be learned (including the teaching of both adults and children, and both ESL and EFL learners). There is indeed a lot to learn, and the total number of course books is seven, most of which will be mastered by each trainee.

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By ERac
On Apr 10, 2013
I found the course to be very good, and the help I received in finding employment was excellent.
By Wooryum
On Aug 15, 2012
I would avoid them. The TEFL certificate is not well-accepted outside Thailand, and the course was quite poor. Go for a Trinity TESOL or equivalent instead.