Tawan Dang

Nimmanhaemin Road
50200 Suthep Chiang Mai, Thailand
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Tawan Dang is classified in the following categorie(s): Restaurant  Bar  Show  Live Music 
The sign at the entrance is in Thai. There you dive in an authentic experience where you will probably the only foreigner !

Tawan Dang is an amazing thai stage. 400 seats in this huge room, where you can eat and drink while listening to thai pop singers.

Very nice show with lots of cute girls dancing.

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On Nov 4, 2011
"Very nice show with lots of cute girls dancing." Yeh, cute, that is, if you like farmer girls and the kind of girls who work in supermarkets..lol..
By Thai lover
On Dec 15, 2010
Crazy place ! Really, Thai people know how to party ! The room is huuuuge and the sound soooo loud ! You have to try it at least one time (but better go there with thai people)