Sub Panya Language School

147/1 M.5 T.Faham
50000 Fa Ham Chiang Mai, Thailand
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Sub Panya Language School is classified in the following categorie(s): Language School 
Subpanya School Philosophy:

"Intelligence is as Wealth"
Subpanya school is a school of intellectual wealth to build life skills. The Thai Ministry of Education granted to Subpanya education permit No. 006/2553 on 18 November 2010. Major courses are offered in both Thai and English. The school is open to the general public, for both Thai nationals and foreigners. The aim is to provide basic skills that can be used in daily life, as well as advanced learning to progress to higher levels.

In terms of foreign students, the school aims to develop students so they can use Thai language appropriately and encourages learning both the social and cultural traditions of Thailand. Opportunities are given to these students to better understand the socio-cultural traditions of Thailand which can be used in for the actual experience of living in Thailand. The school hopes to make name for it self in language education to be known in Thailand and internationally.

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