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7/2 Moon Muang Rd, Soi 9
50200 Sri Phum Chiang Mai, Thailand
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The founders of Backstreet Books started selling books in Thailand about twenty three years ago. It's been a trip, one could write several books on: romance, mystery and espionage. The people you meet love and hate all make it for a life I would not change for any amount of money.

Backstreet Books as it stands has about 70,000 different titles at its disposal. However, we do not intend putting all these titles online. Just a few thousand titles of interesting stuff that is not easy to get hold of. If on the other hand you need some popular fiction or children's books or anything that is not online - contact us and we will try to find it. We have three shops at the moment: The Lost Bookshop. This shop has been selling used books for 21 years. The latest addition is Starbooks which is one year old and is in the heart of the backpacking area here in Chiang Mai.

We source our books in Thailand, Southeast Asia, Europe, America, Australia and India. Only about 15% are brought from travelers. We employ nine local people and without them it just would not happen. They are the heart of Backstreet Books. We also buy huge lots of books from shops whom are closing down, usually ending picking the best stuff off and selling the rest off at cost. We have also done some house clearance - books only.

We pride ourselves on our honesty, respect and fairness with our customers. Politeness is not extra here.

We can try and find that book you are looking for but don't know the name - that's part of the Backstreet Book's service!

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By richard baba casper
On Feb 28, 2013
looking to buy tibet.road to heaven by david lau...baba..0831001159..nangrong,buriram