Siam Insect Zoo

23/4 Moo 1 Mearam, Mae Rim - Samoeng Road, Nam Tok Mae Sa Soi 6
50180 Mae Rim Chiang Mai, Thailand
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Siam Insect Zoo is classified in the following categorie(s): Museum 
Siam Insect Zoo: World insect museum and live insect breeding.

Amazing insect world opened museum and exhibition
Do not miss this attraction. Worldwide insect displaying, an exhibition of various fields in entomology.

Live insect breeding
Enjoy seeing and learning with your own eyes, alive beetles.
Relaxing walk through Siam Insect Zoo's butterfly house, learning garden to discover more on the living world of insects.:
- Natural butterfly & learning garden, host plant
- kindergarten
- stick insect
- leaf insect
- beetle
- mantis
- giant spider
- cricket
- giant scorpion

About exhibition at Siam Insect Zoo:
* phylogeny tree of insects
* insect diversity
* origin of life in each era
* insect metamorphosis
* collecting and preserving insects
* butterfly world
* moth world
* beetle world
* other insects and arachnids
* insects pests of agriculture
* fighting beetles
* edible insect

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