Sarinya Clinic

34/3 Soi 7 Sirimungkarajarn Road
50200 Suthep Chiang Mai, Thailand
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Sarinya Clinic is classified in the following categorie(s): Care Clinic 
Sarinya Clinic ( Skin Care, Antiaging, Slimming and Laser Center ) offers an up-to-date technology and an appropriate treatment for each individual skin problems without any side effect.

» Facial Rejuvenation
» Face lift
» Laser For Acne and Scar treatment
» Microdermabrasion
» Botox
» Filler, Restylane
» Laser Hair Removal
» Weight Control
» Slimming Program
» Stretch marks
» Scalp and Hair Care
» Remove Neuus, Moles, Tattoo and Brown spots
» Body Odor Elimination
» Medlite C6 Laser - New technology
» Thermage - New technology

Open Hours : 10.00 am – 7.00 pm (Close on Sunday)

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By Candice
On Feb 4, 2015
Hello there, I am currently in Chiang Mai but will only be here for the next couple of days. I was hoping to get a tiny mole removed from beside my nose and was wondering if you had any openings as well as a price quote for me? Thank you for your time
By kristian
On Aug 23, 2013
I live in Chiang Mai interested in Thermage. Could you please let me know if these are available in your clinic and approximaate costs
By robert frew
On May 11, 2013
I am inquiring on behalf of my partner about laser for acne scar. I want to know what kind of laser you use for the acne scar and some idea of cost. We will be in Chang Mai on May 20,2013. Regards, Robert and Leck
By kellie
On Oct 31, 2012
Hi. Could you please give me prices for microdermabrasion? Thank you.
By Craig Douglas
On Oct 28, 2012
Hi Could you please give me prices you charge to remove moles off the body. Thank you Craig
By Patricia Macgregor
On Jan 10, 2012
Hi I will be in Chiang Mai for a week from 22.01.12 and am interested in Thermage, Ulthera and Restylane. Could you please let me know if these are available in your clinic and approximaate costs. Thank you. Patricia Macgregor