Sacred Heart College Chiang Mai

Charoen Prathet Road
50100 Chang Khlan Chiang Mai, Thailand
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The principal church of the diocese of Chiang Mai is the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart (Thai: อาสนวิหารพระหฤทัย).
The current church was inaugurated on October 30, 1999, and is already the third cathedral of the diocese. The first Sacred Heart church was built in 1931. Shortly before the elevation to a diocese, the new, and larger, church was inaugurated on February 28, 1965.
Sacred Heart College and the kindergarten school that surround the church building were added later (2475 = 1932).

Originally there were 40 students, now there are over 4,000. In the last few years an English Program has been created. This currently has just over 100 students. Each class is small, around 16 students or so, and has two teachers: A native Thai speaking subject teacher and likewise a native English speaking subject teacher.

Whilst Sacred Heart College is a private school, its prices are controlled by the Government and are very much lower than international private schools in the area. Student range from pre-school up to university age.

Sacred Heart College of Chiang Mai
225 Charoen Prathet Road, Muang, 50100 Chiang Mai
Tel: 053-276087
Fax: 053-274146

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By lianne
On Apr 13, 2014
if sacred heart is worse,tonkaewphadungpittayalai school in hangdong is real worsed!head of english department and school director CANT EVEN UNDERSTAND A SINGLE WORD IN ENGLISH! look at that! Medium of teachings they used is thai, everything translated in thai,real funny! teachers from that school (except foriegners)have hair lieas and bad breaths! and students are very wild and rude too! i know about the culture of thai is that they are very nice but not on that school! the ministry of education should know about those things that are happening there.i pitty foriegner teachers who come to teach their and they just kick them out if they want to.
By Adrian Palmer
On Sep 22, 2012
Why does nobody at the school speak English? Phoned up to query their inability to teach my daughter effectively and it took ages to find someone who would even admit to speaking some English. How many students? What catchment area? Why don't they have teachers who can speak English? What did they do during their academic years? Even taking into account the 'Thai culture' of 'listen but ask no questions', this school is unbelievable.
By Chiang Mai Places
On May 22, 2012
Glad to see you like it :)
By East Asia Travel
On May 21, 2012
Good thing I found this. A lot of tourist you like this info about finding a church. I will be adding to my blog soon.
By Joe
On Sep 30, 2011
...just in case someone reads the above posts who has been living in a cave and doesn't have a clue about what we are talking about, this school's students dressed up as Nazis for a school event. Google it, there's lots of really pissed off people, and rightfully so.
By Joe
On Sep 30, 2011
In every article, the administration and teachers all say they didn't know. Even if that is true, the fact that the only thing these ignorant jerks can do is to plead ignorance rather than take the blame for not properly educating the kids in the first place. It is like if you have a 10 year old who picks up his father's gun and shoots and kills his mother and the only thing the father can say, "I didn't know he had the gun". No responsibility seems to be the "Thai way". I hope this school is put out of business and their ignorant teachers and administrators black listed from being able to every work in any school system in any city or province in Thailand...make that the world. Oh, I'm Catholic and ashamed to be so.
By Iglesias
On Sep 29, 2011
Just to let you know that if Hitlter were alive today...all of you in Thailand would have been gassed as well...YOU ARE NOT WHITE OR BLUE EYED OR GOLDEN COLORED HAIR...REMEMBER HOW THE NAME GOOK CAME INTO EXISTENCE? Think about it you ignorant group of people in SHCGM
By F.Pearce
On Sep 29, 2011
It beggars belief that a catholic organisation should be so ignorant and stupid as to allow the disgraceful exhibition of your recent nazi parade. As a catholic myself I feel shamed by your actions and wonder where you obtain such staff of breathtaking ignorance. What are they teaching these children?? Thank God they are not my children