Royal Project Foundation

65 Moo 1 Suthep Road
50200 Suthep Chiang Mai, Thailand
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Royal Project Foundation is classified in the following categorie(s): Fairtrade & Organic 
Royal Project's Organic Vegetables

The Royal Project Foundation has implemented "The Organic Vegetable Development Project" since 2002. This project emphasizes on production of non GMOs vegetables by using natural materials and biological diversification in highland to increase the persistence to disease and insects. The development is based on many in-house basic research results especially non-chemical soil fertility improvement using development predators and natural enemies to control insects.

Through this organic vegetable project, high quality vegetable with environment safety was expected. Good health for farmers and consumers is promoted and importing of foreign pesticide will be diminished. Low investment cost with increase use of local knowledge should free farmers from current debts situation.

The important principles for planting organic vegetables of the Royal Project:
- non GMOs
- Use cropping system techniques eg: intercropping, mix-crop culture and crop rotation
- Improve soil quality by using Leguminous, green manure and organic fertilizer
- Control diseases and insects by biological disposal eg: predators, parasites and herbal extracts
- Asure soil, water and product quality constantly

Royal Project's Organic Vegetable have been certified for the Thailand Organic Agriculture since 2002 by the Department of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives for which consumer can notify the symbol of "Organic Thailand" on the product packages.

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By Robert
On Jan 5, 2015
You guys have the best honey in the world. The orchid honey. I buy a dozen liters everytime i go to chiang mai. Do you guys sell it online? or can i buy it and have it shipped to New York USA?
On Jan 1, 2015
Hello. Pls advise where i can buy the royal project oil essential oil at Bangkok ? Pls advise the full details address for me to go buy. Awaiting for your reply with fast.
By Debbie CHUNG
On Oct 23, 2014
Dear Sirs, I will visit Chiang Mai around Feb 2015 and am very interesting in the Royal Project of Thailand. May I know all the points of Royal Project(shop & restaurant?) that I can visit in Chiang Mai & Chiang Rai? Many thanks. Regards Debbie
By Stranger in the night
On Jul 18, 2011
I often shop there, they have very good prepared salads (aroi aroi !). Outside of the building, you can buy organic vegetables and even plants (though I'm not sure they're organic). All the products form the hilltribes are available: coffee, fruits, honey, and more.