Robin Beauty and Barber

Soi 8 Moon Muang road
50200 Sri Phum Chiang Mai, Thailand
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The best waxing in town - Chiang Mai.

Robin Bueaty and Barber is a locally owend and loved salon serving the people of Chiang Mai for over 12 years. The heart of Robin Beauty and Barber is Kung. Known by locals, expats and tourists to give "the best and most affordable organic body waxing" in Chiang Mai, Kung has nearly 30 years of professional experience as a stylist, skin specialist, and beautician, specializing in organic and all natural beauty products. In fact, Kung's commitment to giving clients the best Chiang Mai has to offer motivates her to make all her own products - from facials and waxes to lotions and scrubs.

Kung understands the need for beauty and skin products to be made out of ingredients that are from mother nature. Born and raised in the hills of Chiang Mai, Kung's deep understanding of herbs and homemade remedies were past down from her mother out of necessity. Although life in Chiang Mai has changed tremendously since then, Kung's beauty recipes have withstood the test of time, and are much sought after by luxury spas and salons in the region. In spite of this notoriety, Kung continues to charge the same prices she started with 12 years ago. But, it is not the prices that keep customers coming back, but Kung's warm spirit. At Robin Beauty and Barber, everyone is family!

The shop opens every day from 8.00am to 8.00pm, except Saturday and Sunday, from 10.00am to 8.00pm.

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By Lesley
On Jun 18, 2015
Another satisfied customer here! This is the place to be in Chiang Mai for a proper brazilian wax.
By Patra
On Jun 10, 2015
Living in Chiangmai for more than 10years and I could not find anybody more professional at waxing else then Robin Waxing. All i need is a good professional waxing not a fancy spa where I get pampered with the surroundings but come back with a hurt skin. Kung the owner at Robin Waxing is awesome and she knows her job. Both thumbs up.
By Kim
On Feb 26, 2015
I have read all the good referenses and went to Robin Waxing. It was a mistake. Durty place, awful waxing, but the lady is nice smiling person.
By Melanie
On Feb 24, 2015
I would not recommend Robin at all. She overcharged my friend and was rude to her. I guess maybe her success got into her head. Nothing personal but I did not like the condescending remarks.
By Cailee
On Feb 18, 2015
Kung is amazing! She is funny, friendly, and QUICK. I felt so comfortable with her today (leg & brazilian). She is the first, and only person I'll go to in Chiang Mai. She also has several walls completely covered in writing from customers (I wrote on one)... She is a gem!
On Oct 9, 2014
The lady was nice The wax was not. I am now spotty, rashy and it looks a mess. I might as well have shaved if I'm honest Sorry to be so cruel she is really nice I didn't feel uncomfortable and it didn't really hurt However it isnt a good job and that is why I went.
By Kristie
On Jun 15, 2014
I was do nervous this afternoon as I live in Australia and was due for a Brazilian and I went to Robin, after having the same waxer back home for ten years.... I cannot rate Robin highly enough!!! She is BETTER than my lady back home! She uses her own wax (hot wax with strips), all organic, and is clean, fast and I swear to God, almost pain free. Don't hesitate in going to see her, she will put you at ease the minute you walk through the door. She knows her stuff!!!
By Allie
On Mar 9, 2014
I will be due for waxing when in Chang Mai. Can you please tell me if this is a hard wax method or strip wax? Thanks
By Mira
On Feb 19, 2014
It was a very good experience!! The owner is so Nice and very quick! She is smiling and good at english!:)
By Gwendoline
On Dec 16, 2013
I just went for waxing (legs, bikini and under arms) and I am really happy. Efficient, quick and smooth. Almost no pain :) I highly recommend it ! And the tenant is such a nice person...
By Ea
On Dec 2, 2013
Great Brazilian wax! Robin is by far the greatest I have ever experienced (and I have gotten brazilian waxing at several great places with professional ppl), she has had her place for 14 years and she even makes her own wax and chooses the type of wax based on what type of hair you have. She is really nice, and it did not hurt one bit! Recommended!
By Naomi
On Jun 7, 2013
Questuon Do you teach waxing ?? I want to learn waxing . Please answer me. Naomi Ishii
By Evgeniya
On May 4, 2013
Waxing Brazilian bikini , under arms and legs