Prince Royal's College

117 Kaewnawarat Road
50000 Wat Ket Chiang Mai, Thailand
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Prince Royal's College is classified in the following categorie(s): School 
Prince Royal's College is a private Christian school serving the educational needs of over 6000 students per year in grades kindergarten through 12th grade.

Furthermore, Prince Royal's College is also a Thai school serving the Thai community.
It is the goal of the school to educate Thai children with the academic and moral skills they will need to lead a successful life in their chosen profession through a Christian worldview.

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By Wilmarie Diane Smith
On Jan 21, 2015
My great grandfather was Dr. Charles Elmer Park one of the memorialized people of your great establishment. I believe there is a building on your campus named after him. If you could send me any information regarding this building and how my great grandfather Park was memorialized I would greatly appreciate it. Diane Gilbert-smith 1738 SE Balboa Drive Madison, FL. 32340 P.S. My grandmother was his daughter. (Florence Wilma Park-Dickey)