Panthip Plaza Chiang Mai

Corner of Chang Klan Road (Night Bazar) and Sri Donchai Road
50100 Chang Khlan Chiang Mai, Thailand
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Panthip Plaza Chiang Mai is classified in the following categorie(s): Electronic / IT 
Pantip Plaza is an indoor IT shopping mall located on New Phetchaburi Road in Ratchathewi district, Bangkok, Thailand. The sale of counterfeit software and DVDs is one of the reasons for its success and notoriety.
In Chiang Mai, there is a Pantip Plaza on the corner of Chang Klan Road (Night Bazar) and Sri Donchai Road. It also has a food court.

Pantip Plaza is open daily from 10 AM to 9 PM. The stores within the plaza are free to operate their own hours. However, by 10 AM to 10.30 AM many stores aren't open and by 7:30 PM to 8 PM, many of the stores are already closing down.

There are hundreds of small shops specializing in computer hardware, software and accessories, including parts, repair, modifications, networking, second hand, laptops, Macintosh and peripherals.

Shops in Pantip Plaza offer a wide selection of new and second-hand computers from most of the major manufacturers, together with a selection of second hand and custom equipment.
A wide variety of other electronic equipment, including digital cameras, printers, music players, and games consoles, is also available.

Software, Games, and Films
Pantip Plaza is a major source of unauthorized copies of software, with software for both Windows and Mac readily available.[citation needed] Applications software and games, together with pirated copies of music and films, including the pornographic variety, are sold from many of the stalls on the lower three floors. Some legitimate software is available, but it is less popular and versions on sale are often obsolete ones.

Food and Drink
Pantip Plaza has some restaurants on the ground floor, while food Courts on the mezzanine level and second floor offer a wide selection of Thai cuisine, desserts and drinks.


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