Old Chiangmai Cultural Center

185/3 Wualai Road
50100 Haiya Chiang Mai, Thailand
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Khantoke Dinner at The Old Chiangmai Cultural Center - Khantoke Dining Halls and Folk and Hilltribe Performances

Much has been recorded throughout the years about Old Chiangmai Cultural Center because the establishment is pioneer in organizing the Khantoke Dinner, serving an array of savory traditionnal local dishes together with presenting cultural performances in the Lanna atmosphere.

The service started in April, 1971.

Today, through its experience of over thirty years, The Old Chiangmai Cultural Center has still maintained its top standing in terms of its food, cultural shows and service that The Old Chiangmai Cultural Center whishes you all to enjoy. The Old Chiangmai Cultural Center is considered as the "Charm of Lanna".

The service is offered nightly from 6.45pm to 9.30pm.

The Lanna Dances

About halfway through your meal a classical orchestra will begin to accompany troupes in gorgeous costumes, or occasionally a solo dancer, as they perform the graceful movements of Thai classical dance for your pleasure. There are absolutely authentic Norther Thailand dances, quite distinct from those performed in Bangkok and Ayutthaya. They are rooted in the region's history, litterature and ways of life.

Hilltribe Dances

After such classical opulence, the Old Chiangmai Cultural Center offers a refreshing change of pace. Donning one's shoes, one can stroll casually to another part of the Center for the hilltribe show. The handicrafts garments and musical instruments of the various tribes are displayed on stalls along they way should you wish to buy a memento of your visit.

The Khantoke Food Set

The Khantoke is a form of tiered tray used for serving food. t In the olden days, they were used in ceremonies like weddings, funerals and merit making. The food served in the Khantoke is mostly northern style but there may be food from other region as well.

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