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Travelling in the north of Thailand is not only an opportunity to absorb the richness and rewards of its natural beauty but also to experience its lush cultural heritage and spiritual progression within the Thai Buddhist framework.

MCU. Buddhist University, Chiang Mai Campus, welcomes all to visit the warm programme “MONK CHAT”; informally talk with the monk. You would get to know about monk’s life, Thai culture and Tradition, Buddhism, etc. Besides, we provide you with the MEDITATION RETREAT WORKSHOP (Concentration Meditation and Vipassana Meditation) which is the way to make the mind peaceful, and to develop transcendent insight which penetrates into the truth of life.

“Monk Chat”
Monday, Wednesday , Friday From 05.00 p.m. – 07.00 p.m.

“Meditation Retreat”
Tuesday to Wednesday (weekly)
Tuesday to Friday (the last week of the month)

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By Charlotte
On Dec 6, 2014
I would like to come on Tuesday 10th December and stay for 1 night, doing the meditation retreat and monk chat. Please can you let me know if this is possible?
By polly
On May 17, 2014
Me and my friend want to do the 4 day course next week could you please get in contact :) Thanks
By robert
On Jan 7, 2013
Hi l will be in chiang mai from 24th feb for 2 weeks and was hoping to join your 3 day meditation retreat could you let me know if that will be possible, many thanks. Robert.
By Luz Echevarria
On Sep 2, 2012
Hello, I hope this email finds you well and in good spirit. I would like to make a reservation to attend the 4 day Meditation Retreat Workshop in September (25th-28th). I have been looking into this for quite sometime and find your program appealing for first timers. I have tried contacting the phone numbers available as well as sending out previous emails and I haven't received a reply. Any help on your part would be greatly appreciated. Please advise if there is still availability and what time I will be able to arrive. I appreciate your time and look forward to your response. Thank you in advance, Luz Echevarria
By Lani
On Aug 31, 2012
Hi, we want to go to the 2 days meditation. We want to know how we can get there, the adress and if we have to make a reservation before, what do we need for the meditation. Thanks for your attention. Lani and Gabriela
By Chiang Mai Places
On Jun 29, 2012
Dear Fani, no way to contact you as you haven't left your email address in your message… Hopefully, you will come back on this page and see my message. For more information, the best way is to visit the website of the Monk Chat Program at the following address: Enjoy your meditation retreat in Chiang Mai :)
By Fani Morro
On Jun 29, 2012
I would like to take a meditacion course for 10 days. I will arrive in Bkk te 20 of november and living the 10 of december. I have not experience. thanks in advance, fani