Khunchamnan Family Thai Massage Classes

1/3 Soi 8 Moon Muan
50200 Sri Phum Chiang Mai, Thailand
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Khunchamnan Family Thai Massage Classes is classified in the following categorie(s): Massage School 
Thai Yoga or Thai Massage teached by Khunchamnan Family provides students with a basic understanding of theory and application techniques.
At the close of the course, students will be able to perform a 90-minute massage, and 120-minute massage.

The course covers;

• the history of nuad thai pan boran,
• respect for the founder, Doctor Shivago,
• manifestation of mindfulness and loving-kindness in the massage,
• therapist warm-up stretches,
• client intake,
• contraindications for massage,
• assessment of client restrictions and energy blocks,
• basic massage principles,
• sen line treatment and stretches for five client postures, including;
o supine,
o inverted,
o side-lying,
o prone,
o seated

Thai Massage 10 Day Course:
During the first week, students will learn to give a full body 90-minute basic Thai massage, and Thai herbal massage.
The second week will focus on advanced Thai Massage for specific treatments (leg, hip, back, shoulder and neck).
Daily teaching, the class begins with meditation and yoga for 30 minutes to prepare the mind and the body.
Techniques are demonstrated on students, and students practice in pairs with focused instructor guidance.

The class is light-hearted and fun, no experience is required.

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By tanaphong khunhankaew
On Nov 26, 2013
อ.อำนาจครับ ผมปิงนะครับอาจารย์ ชื่อเฟสบุ๊คผม tanaphong-khunhankaew โทร.086-9140094
By Suzanne Spiegel
On Jan 18, 2013
I am interested in Studying at your school in early February. Do you have any courses that I could attend with a friend? Thanks! Suzanne Spiegel