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108 Chang Klan Rd.
50100 Chang Khlan Chiang Mai, Thailand
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The world at a table
Former war correspondent, Patrick Denaud, spent years filming, photographing and writing about man at war. Now, he observes and photographs mankind eating. He has published several illustrated works including: Japan At The table, Cuba At The Table and Afghani Flavours…

His photos now become paintings.

To broaden the outlook of the public by showing images of food that are beyond the act of eating solely out of necessity and pleasure to show a "cultural" savouring which refines and completes beyond the mere physical act. Patrick Denaud decided to add another dimension to his photos by working together with his artists on composition, cropping, lighting, colours and textures.

“It would be too basic to consider only a painted canvas as a mechanical representation. A canvas is not a photo so, with this slow creative process using paints , it acquires its own personality to show a more concentrated vision of what it represents”.

Photo on paper/Paint on canvas. Art becomes absolute, without bounds and limits. It shows "The World at the table" in an objective way.

FooDEat Galerie
Le Meridien Chiang Mai
108 Chang Klan Rd.
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