Fine Jewel Thai - Amore Diamond

236/10 Chiangmai-Lamphum Road
50000 Nong Hoi Chiang Mai, Thailand
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Fine Jewel Thai

Fine Silver & Jewelry is running the business of accessories such as silver jewelry silverware, gold jewelry, and white gold setting with semi-precious gems, synthesized gems and Cubic Zirconium (CZ). And we also have bead work design with quality gemstone. Designed by the expert team in marketing and manufacturing, our accessories are unique and creative since 2001.

We have our own designer who can take care your own designed products or let us design and produce high quality products for you. Our factories are both in Chaing Mai and Bangkok.

We also export our products to USA., Germany, Switzerland, Austria, England, France, Italy, Japan, Australia etc. and We also have our designers for develop your design and target market.

Our goods can be made to orders, which means you can request special designs. Since we focus on global contemporary and modern styles, they are appropriate for wearing on all occasions.

Amore Diamond

The store is located in the biggest shopping mall of Chiang Mai, Kad Suan Kaew, 1st floor.

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