Dude's Cafe

8/11 Nimmanhaemin Soi 11
50200 Suthep Chiang Mai, Thailand
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Dude's Cafe is classified in the following categorie(s): Restaurant  Cafe 
A small restaurant on the edge of Nimmanhaemin is anything but 'small' concerning taste. From the stylishly decorated furnishings inside the Café to the meals they prepare, everything has been meticulously arranged and put together. Infused with a quiet, modern Asian flare, DUDE Cafe creates a perfect retreat from the city's hustle and bustle. They offer a good selection of Thai dishes as well as lots of different drinks, booze or non-booze. Try the red curry beef served with rice, deep fried shitake mushrooms with Japanese sauce, tofu with seafood, ham, and vegetables in a Chinese sauce, and the deep fried chicken wings. And if you're not feeling all that hungry feel free to hang out on the deck with a cold one on people watch. With hip music playing softly through the restaurant and flowing out onto the deck, one can easily enjoy themselves here.

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