Dream Lake Fishing

123/1 M.7 Baan Chiang Chang
50140 Saraphi Chiang Mai, Thailand
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Welcome to Dreamlake fishing resort in Chiang mai. We have a beautiful lake on the outskirts of Chiang mai which is stocked with an amazing array of fish species both native Thai and imported species from around the globe. You can visit us for a day trip or stay in one of our bungalows and fish 24 hours, we also provide guided fishing to other lakes and fishing venues in and around Chiang mai.
Chiang mai is Thailand's second city and its called Rose of the North situated in a large flat plain surrounded my mountains. Aswell as the Dreamlake there are other large reservoirs and lakes in and around the area with huge powerful fighting fish. Fishing in Thailand is the ultimate challenge for expert and novice anglers alike so why not join us at Dreamlake for a stay in one of our purpose built fishing bungalows and fishing carp, catfish, arapaima and alligator gar or a take a trip out to one of the reservoirs in Chiang mai for giant snakehead or jungle perch fishing from local longtail boats.

For our non angling guests we can arrange for you every kind of sightseeing and trekking tour which is available in Chiang mai starting with 1/2 day sightseeing to 3 days Trekking-Tours, visiting the unique hilltribe villages deep in the mountains.

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If you would like to call us directly then our contact number is (+66) 081-2896406

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