Dental 4 You Clinic

382-384 Thapae Road
50100 Mae Hia Chiang Mai, Thailand
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Dental 4 You Clinic is classified in the following categorie(s): Dentist 
Dental 4 You Clinic is one of the most modern Chiangmai dental clinics to date. Its modern clinic is fully equipped with the highest standard of dental technology in Thailand.
Services provided by Dental 4 You's friendly and service mind professional dental specialists.

Dental 4 you Dental Clinic offers patient oriented treatment in Chiangmai, one of the most beautiful cities in Thailand.

Dental 4 You also protects you with strict sterilization system to ensure the safest possible treatment at Dental 4 you Dental Clinic Chiangmai, Thailand. As Chiangmai Dental Cosmetic Center, our cosmetic dentists will renovate and/or enhance your smile for a beautiful smile that you deserve.

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By John Holden
On Feb 22, 2013
Hello I'm coming to Chaing Mai soon & I would like to get some dental work done while I am there, I have six teeth that might need crowns or veneers I'm not sure which, they are the front top teeth could you give me an idea how much it would cost also how long it would take to get the work done please also recovery time. Looking forward to hearing back from you Kind regards John Holden
By Mike
On Nov 11, 2012
Dear Harald, You better send them an email if you want your questions to be answered. Please use this address to contact them: [email protected] Best regards, Mike
By Harald Goetz
On Nov 10, 2012
plan to visit Ching Mai from february 10Th. how long would be required to surgically implant a missing upper right incicor?? How much time would it require and approximatedly how much would it cost ??