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86/1 Charoen Rat Road
50300 Chang Moi Chiang Mai, Thailand
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Nature Demands Nature
Circle Source Paper Company
handmade papers from all natural fibers

Circle Source natural papers and paper products are inspired by the Circle Source philosophy: Nature Demandes Nature.

Working under this philosophy, Circle Source Paper Company creates a range of fine papers with limitless designs and textures.

Nature Demands Nature

In the effort to end the over-exploitation of our planet, Circle Source Paper continually seeks innovative production processes and techniques. Circle Source Paper tries to get the most out of the cycle of nature without disturbing it, to make beautiful products with and from nature. This is the goal of the company and its philosophy.

Natural Papers

Circle Source papers are made from the fibers of fast growing plants found around the world, such as saa, sugar cane, bamboo, kozo, banana, salago, daphne papyrifera, and more. Working with this variety of highly regenerative and fully biodegradable plants, the company achieves harmony with nature and diversity in its product line.

Circle Source Paper Products

Circle Source also sells gifts and stationery products made from Circle Source papers and the company enjoys creating new ones all the time. Circle Source hopes that its papers will inspire you in your own crafts, hobbies, arts and projects and the company invites you to see what you can do: cards, notebooks, gift bags, boxes and bows.

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