Chiangmai Batik Painting School

9/138 Moo 4, Chiang Mai Floravill Village
50220 Doi Saket Chiang Mai, Thailand
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Chiangmai Batik Painting School - Save the best for the last day in Chiang Mai.

A batik design is built up colour by colour, starting with the lighter tints and working through to the darkest, using a sequence of wax, dye, rinse, dry. The process is repeated over and over, building up the many colours you require. Finally, when the design is complete and the wax is removed, what remains is a piece of fabric with your design impregnated in to the fibers. The concept of starting with highlights can be confusing at first, but as you progressively wax and dye and the design comes to life, the technique of batik will become easier to comprehend.

Chiangmai Batik Painting School wants you to discover how versatile and adaptable batik is. You do not have to be good at drawing or painting to produce stunning results because the wax, dyes and fabric do a lot of the work for you. Chiangmai Batik Painting School is intended to provide a starting point from which you can develop your own ideas. Once you have understood the basic principle that wax and water resist each other, then you will quickly gain confidence to develop the technique further.

About the school

Chiangmai Batik Painting School was established in 1999. It is the first Batik Painting School in Chiang Mai, it is a family business run by Ann and Ken. Two different courses are proposed. Each course has been designed as a one day course, beginning everyday at 9.30 a.m. to 3.30 p.m. taught by Ann & Ken, who are experienced in batik painting. Chiangmai Batik Painting School will teach you the basic and some advanced skill at its home 15 minutes out of town in a relaxed atmosphere.

The class is a small group, after class students have a web-based support that can provide you information after you return home. If you have a question about technique, materials and dyes, you can e-mail to the school.

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By Ilu
On Nov 17, 2014
Hello: I would like to take same courses in batik painting.I will arrive 15th days in January. Please give all details days, hours, and Prices.I knew a Little painting. Thanks Ilu
By kamna
On Aug 3, 2011
I am visiting chiangmai in the 3rd week of August this year 2011 and would like to take a one day course in batik painting. Do you have any one day courses available then? If so, what are the charges and what do they include. Please give me all details including timings etc so that I can book before I arrive. I do not have any previous experience in batik painting, in fact, I am just a beginner learning to sketch. You can contact me on *** [edit: address removed by admin to avoid spam on mailbox] Thanks