Chiang Mai Zoo

Huay Kaew Road
50200 Suthep Chiang Mai, Thailand
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Chiang Mai Zoo is a beautiful and fertile attraction in a cool climate all year round.
Fertility of forest, flowers and rare Northern orchids in Chiang Mai Zoo.
The main place for the collection of all kinds of animals from all over the world.

- Giant pandas the goodwill ambassador for Thailand and People Republic of China.
- Lovely Koalas from Australia
- Humboldt penguins with their family from the temperate zone
- Intelligent Cape Fur Seals
- The only rhino in Thailand
- Charming elephants
- The happy family of hippopotamuses
- The stately flock of Flamingoes
- Long neck giraffes
- Humble zebras
- Ostriches from Africa
- The camels king of the desert
- Lions the kings of the wild
- Tigers from the deep forest
- Babary sheep on the high cliffs
- A variety of birds in Nakornping bird garden
- The nocturnal animals house
- Rare animals of Thailand, Tapirus* Indicus
- Many kinds of reptile
- Other rare animals.

Research and Wild Animal Breeding

Chiang Mai Zoo dose wild animal research, research about wild animal behavior animal breeding and provides useful knowledge to the public and to other sectors that are related.
Chiang Mai Zoo is a big classroom for learning about wild animals and the environment. So,
an edutainment project for students from all schools being carried out.
The project provides a learning opportunity for all schools in the Northern part to let students visit the zoo without any fee and car mobile to inform knowledge outside the zoo.

Chiang Mai Zoo will be wonderful all year round by growing many kinds of flowers , especially to express
Lanna tradition. Chiang Mai Zoo will grow a variety of orchids Rhododendrons and many rare flowers that you can not find easily elsewhere.

Chiang Mai Zoo will always play a part to conserve every Lanna festival.
More than that, Chiang Mai Zoo is also reconstructing an ancient temple called "Wat /ku Din Kao" from the Lanna Period, more than 800 years ago.

Chiang Mai Zoo will always continue development to become the best attraction for all tourists.
As the vision of keeping Chiang Mai Zoo as a centre for valuable wilds animals and of preserving the beautiful landscape.

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