Chiang Mai Rock Climbing Adventure CMRCA

55/3 Ratchapakhinai Road
50300 Phra Sing Chiang Mai, Thailand
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Chiang Mai Rock Climbing Adventure CMRCA is classified in the following categorie(s): Climbing 
Climbing and Caving Adventures

Plan an unforgettable stop on the vacation of a lifetime. Learn to be a safer, stronger climber.
Chiang Mai is home to a vibrant community of local and travelling climbers. Hone your climbing and caving skills on our legendary Thai limestone!
Crazy Horse Buttress is a world class sport climbing destination and a model for sustainable development. Join Chiang Mai Rock Climbing Adventure for your next adventure...

Experiential Education

What kind of experience will you create?
This question is your gateway to powerful personal leadership, outdoor adventure, and experiential education programs in northern Thailand.
Add an action-packed day of climbing and caving to your adventure tour. Plan an expedition around service and cultural exchange. CMRCA specializes in environmentally responsible student travel.

Corporate Team Building

CMRCA uses the leadership and team building tools they teach. The methods are developed and tested in the most dangerous, challenging, and realistic environments. For sure they work.
CMRCA facilitates outstanding professional development, cross cultural facilitation, and team building adventures throughout Asia.
Take your company to the next level with CMRCA.

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