Chiang Mai Creative City

Research & Technology Transfer (RTT) Building, Faculty of Engineering, Chiang Mai University, 239 Huay Kaew Road
50200 Suthep Chiang Mai, Thailand
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Chiang Mai Creative City (CMCC) is an idea, vision and initiative to develop and promote Chiang Mai as an internationally known city of creativity and innovation.


Chiang Mai Creative City (CMCC) is an initiative to develop and market Chiang Mai as a city and centre of creative industries, creativity and innovation. The experience of other cities around the world has shown that a clear positioning and an emphasis on creativity make a city more successful and attractive. This initiative is in line with the Thai Government’s vision to develop the creative economy within Thailand and builds on the strengths of Chiang Mai.


The objective is to build on what is already there (education hub, history, Lanna culture, quality of life, skills of the people) and enhance it to make Chiang Mai even more attractive. Chiang Mai Creative City aims to develop the city into a more attractive place for living, working, doing business and investing. Creativity, collaboration and innovation will create a more attractive urban environment and creates higher but sustainable economic and social development.

The marketing of Chiang Mai as a location for investment and businesses, the development of creative industries, and the strengthening of existing key industries will make Chiang Mai more attractive for businesses and investors. This will create more opportunities and jobs without changing the essence of Chiang Mai that makes Chiang Mai special and attractive.

In summary, Chiang Mai Creative City is for the future generation of Chiang Mai – to create more jobs, more opportunities, and an attractive, sustainable and socially just environment and city.

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