Chiang Mai City Gate Church

164/14 Moo Baan Chotana 2 Photaram Rd.
50000 Chang Phueak Chiang Mai, Thailand
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City Gate Church, Chiang Mai was founded in 1993 by Gampon and Mirjam Kumdee.
After meeting in rented accommodation for several years, City Gate Church purchased its own property in the north of the city in 2003.

Times of Services - all welcome
9am Bible teaching
10am Worship Service
12:30pm Fellowship lunch
7:30pm Friday night miracles

Contact Information
For more info, please contact us at:
Pastor Gampon and Mirjam Kumdee
City Gate Church
P.O. Box 248
A. Muang Chiang Mai 50000 Thailand

Location address
164/14 Moo Baan Chotana 2
Photaram Rd. T. ChangPhuak,
A. Muang Chiang Mai 50300, Thailand
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Church Office: +66 (0) 53-408-697
Church Phone #2 +66 (0) 53-357-413
Pastor's Cell: +66 (0) 89-755-5943

Email: Pastor Gampon and Mirjam Kumdee
at [email protected]

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By Robert Winston
On Jun 23, 2013
Hey its a joyful day in the Lord and we shall rejoice because the Lord Jesus Christ is great in us to be completely honest I need your help I`ve been concecrated to a mantle of a prophet/Minister apostle anointing also I need to be about my fathers business to be honest I`ve been rejected very harshly in this country I was born in I`m in the United States of America I`vw been looking for work but because of the his anointing not; my anointing the anointing of the the Lord Jesustsometime they are but; sometime they are not; Christ people are not very fare with me because of the prophetic word that my pastor my pastor is a archbishop she prophisied along with another minister a bishop says I`m called to full time ministry but; to my surprise my ministry is not; in america one of my destination is in your location honestly I need to come to you and do a tent revival I haven`t worked in 3 yrs here in Buffalo,Ny they are not; very fare with jobs but ; maybe they will be but; in the mean time I need to be preaching so as the Lord leads I`m asking not; demanding could you sponsrr me pray over it let the Holy Spirit guide you if you will please could pay in advance a plane ticket a place to stay over there and if you want me to work a regular job over there then can you assist me in that as the Lord lead you but: I need to get out of here me being a minister some americans not; all don`t listen and appreciate me very well mainly the leading of the Holy Spirit is guiding me to you so contact me right away so we can talk