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A female cat can come into heat as early as four months and cats are prolific breeders. A female can become pregnant again when her kittens are just 4 weeks old. A breeding pair can produce 3-5 kittens, 3-4 times a year. That's 9-20 kittens being born in a single year to just one female.

The cat sterilization project is run by volunteers who are working to improve the welfare of street cats in Chiang Mai. We believe that all cats deserve our compassion and protection and that preventing unwanted births offers cats the chance to live safe and happy lives.

100% of donations will be used to pay the cost of sterilization and after care.
Without you this can't be done.

What Cat Sterilization does:

- Enquiries for assistance with cats come from Temples, street markets and local people who are concerned about cat welfare.

- We coordinate the collection of the cats, both males and females and take them to the vet clinic to be spayed / neutered.

- The females have 7 days after care either at the clinic or a foster home, then their stitches are removed, they are vaccinated, wormed and then returned to their environment.

- The males are kept for just a few days for observation as no stitches are used, then they are vaccinated, wormed and returned to their environment.

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By teun
On Nov 19, 2013
do you know a good place for cheap sterilization in chiang mai? want to help some strays Teun
By Mike
On Sep 30, 2011
If you can help her, do not hesitate. I know the person who's running the organization (in fact I'm helping her for her website, free of charge of course) and she is wonderful. So much work and time to help those little creatures, it's quite amazing!