Bus Station - Arcade

50000 Wat Ket Chiang Mai, Thailand
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To Class Departure Duration Phone No.
Bangkok Ordinary & Air Conditioned Bus Every 1 Hour From 06.30 - 21.30 10 Hours 053 242664
Chiang Rai Ordinary & Air Conditioned Bus Every 30mins From 05.30-17.00 3 Hours 053 266481-4
Mae Sai Ordinary & Air Conditioned Bus 05.15/06.00/08.00/12.30/14.00/15.30/17.00 5 Hours 053 266481-4
Pai Minibus 4 11/13 3 Hours 053 244737

053 304748
Ordinary Bus 103/140 5 Hours
Mae Hong Son (Via Pai) Ordinary Bus 07.00/09.00/12.30 7 Hours 053 244737

053 304748
Mae Hong Son (Via Maesariang) Minibus 06.30/08.00/13.30/15.00/18.00 8 Hours 053 244737

053 304748
Ordinary Bus 11/21 8 Hours

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By jarmila
On Oct 2, 2013
Hello, please I like to know, how to book the ordinary BUS Chiang Mai - Mae Hong Son 08/02/2014 - we arrive to the airport of Chiang Mai at and back Mae Sariang - Chiang Mai 16/02/2014 12:30PM) we must be on the airport of Chiang mai at 17.00 pm .. can you reccomend us the best way to do it for 2 persons? where to book, is the bus direct from and to the airport in Chiang Mai? Otherwise how we get to the bus station? Otherwise is there a train from Chiang Mai do mae Sariang ? If yes, how to get to the train station and where to see and book the tickets? Can you also recommend a lovely hotel in Mae Sariang with breakfast and air condition, balcony? Thanks, best regards.