Backstreet Books

2/8 Chang Moi-Kao Road
50200 Sri Phum Chiang Mai, Thailand
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Backstreet Books is classified in the following categorie(s): Books & Newspapers 
Backstreet Books is a library that started selling books more than 20 years ago. The library offers more than 70,000 different titles, including popular fictions, children's books and almost anything else you can think of....
If the shop does not have the title you're looking for, no worry, just contact them and they will try to find it for you!

Backstreet Books has 3 branches in Chiang Mai: The Lost Bookshop being the the oldest one of them (it opened more than 21 years ago).

Only 15% of the books are brought from travelers. The rest comes from Thailand, Southeast Asia, Europe, America, Australia and India.

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