Baan Jang Gnak

8 Nimmanahaemind Soi 1
50200 Suthep Chiang Mai, Thailand
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Baan Jang Gnak is classified in the following categorie(s): Handicraft  Museum 
Baan Jang Gnak is a museum of elephant wood carving founded in 1985 by Phet Wiriya and is situated in San Kamphaeng.

Phet Wiriya has always been passionated by the art of wood carving. He was a student of the greatest wood carver from Lampang, Kumay Dej Duang Ta. The museum displays wood carving made by his friends, his students, and some by himself during the last 22 year.

Elephant Shop:
8 Nimmanhemin Soi 1
Muang, Chiang Mai
Tel : 053-894-071

56/1 Moo 2 Buak-kang
Sankampaeng, Chiang Mai
Tel/Fax : 053-446-891
Mobile : 083-203-9991

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