Baan Bakery

3/9 Suriyawong Road
50100 Haiya Chiang Mai, Thailand
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Baan Bakery is classified in the following categorie(s): Bakery 
Baan Bakery is a bakery/coffee shop situated just a stone’s throw from Chiang Mai Gate, (south of the moat, just beyond the hospital).

The bakery is specialized in French style bread and pastries, and also serves teas and coffees.

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By Igor
On Mar 1, 2014
Hello! I am intereted in baguette for sandwiches wholesale. Could you send price list. Thank you, Romanov Igor
By Va
On Aug 29, 2011
While the quality of their baked products is good, the problem with Baan Bakery is that their shelves are mostly half empty. For whatever reason they only make a small number of batches everyday. When a new batch comes out, it is pretty much snapped up by customers right away. So most of the time only the less desirable pastries are left on their shelves. With such poor selection it's not worth a trip there as far as I'm concerned. To make things worse, it seems that customers (who know the owners, probably) could phone in to "hold" the bread they want for pick-up later in the day, so that they don't have to rush to the bakery when a new batch comes out. That doesn't seem too fair to those customers who take the time and trouble to make a trip there to buy their goods to only find that the best stuff are all sitting on the "reserved" section for their call-in customers.
By Josh
On Feb 26, 2011
The best bakery in town, I'm a huge fan :-) The bakery is home-made and the prices are quite fair. When I go there with my girlfriend, we usually spend around 100-150 Baht for 4 bakeries and 2 drinks. Talkink about drink, try their coffee ! Don't expect instant coffee there...