Ambrose Wine & Spirits

11-12/20 Huay kaew Road
50200 Suthep Chiang Mai, Thailand
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Ambrose Wine & Spirits ltd. is a spin off from Seagram established in 1996. It is the fourth largest importer of wines and spirits in Thailand.

Imported products include Hardy's, Pascal Jolivet, Baron Philippe de Rothschild, Robert Mondavi, Torres, Cointreau, Remy Martin, Fernet Branca and Voss.

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By Pla
On Feb 1, 2014
Hi, I would like to have more details on your products and how to supplies Ambrose wines to Koh Chang, Trat Province. Kindly please advice your Sale Representative contact number where I could do the direct contact. Regards, Pla KC Grande Kohchang Resort & Spa
By Rick Aird
On Feb 14, 2013
Good morning. I work for a company in New Zealand that imports spirits which we bottle in New Zealand and also produce a large range of 21%ABV liqueurs in 500cl bottles which are stocked by most of the large retail liquor chains in New Zealand. We also export to the major liquor importers in the pacific region and have our range of liqueurs ranged in all Acor Pacific Hotels and other hotels in Fiji,Samoa,Norfok Island & Rarotonga. We also have a whisky & a brandy based deer velvet liqueur that we are in the process of exporting to China and I believe this product along with the liqueur range that I mentioned earlier would work in your market. Last week I was in Chiang mai for a couple of weeks getting some dental work done and this has prompted me to contact you. Kind regards, Rick Aird.