Electronic Plaza Siam TV

111/1 Chang Lo Road
50100 Haiya Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • : +66 (0)53 28 22 22 
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Electronic Plaza Siam TV is classified in the following categorie(s): Electronic / IT
Chiang Mai Siam T.v. Co., Ltd. is your one-stop shopping for television or other electronic device in the Old Town area. If you find yourself in need of television, vacuum cleaner, aircon, ... then Chiang Mai Siam TV. is definitely the right choice !

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By Mark Rushton
On Mar 30, 2012
Your recomendation of Siam TV is a little unfortunate; i have spent a considerible amount of money with this company recently, and was planning to spend more........not now! My last purchase was in excess of 50000 baht, when making the purchase i was told delivery to Pai would be between 500 and 1000 baht. when the delivery was about to be made this had jumped to 2300 baht; it appears their sales staff will promise anything to close a deal.......however it appears at Siam TV promises are made to be broken......shop there at your own risk! I myself will not be shopping ther again and all the people who i may have recommended this store to in the past will be recieving an up date about the store and its terrible service!.....Shop there at your own risk!
By darawan nutagama
On Nov 14, 2011
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