S.K. Money Changer is classified in the following categorie(s): Currency Exchange

S.K. Money Changer is a currency exchange shop near Loy Kroh Road with very good excahnge rates. One of the best in town!

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S.K. Money Changer

S.K. Money Changer in Chiang Mai, Thailand

73/8 Charoen Prathet Rd.
50000 Wat Ket
Tel: +66 (0)53 27 18 64 | +66 (0)53 27 32 08 | +66 (0)53 81 81 18 | +66 (0)53 81 81 19
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Comments > S.K. Money Changer in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Written on Apr 21, 2015 at 10:10 AM by rungnapa AUD
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