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Located south of Wat Chedi Luang, down Phra Pok Klao, this Temple is, at present nearing completion of restoration.

This Temple stands in grounds of 800 square metres. In these grounds there is a Lanna style Vihara, a Bell Tower, a medium sized white Chedi, an activities Hall and Monks eating hall.

The most notable feature of the Temple, aside from some excellent examples of intricate stone and woodwork, is that it is home to The Sacred Bronze Buddha of Chiang Mai Province.

The Fon Saen Ha Buddha was brought to Chiang Mai by King Tilokaraja after a war with Lamphun when Lamphun was ransacked and all houses and Temples burnt barr one. The Fon Saen Ha Buddha was found in this Temple and brought to Chiang Mai along with Pra Kaew Kaow that now stands in Wat Chiang Man.

25″ x 35″ x 15″, The Fon Saen Ha Buddha is a highly revered figure and every year it is transported on a specially made chariot, up to the City Pillar in the grounds of Wat Chedi Luang, where it stands for 7days and 7 nights during which time thousands of local people come to pay homage; guild the image with gold leaf paper, bath it and enshrine the Pillar House. It is believed that The Fon Saen Ha Buddha brings wealth and happiness to the people of Chiang Mai forever.

footnote: if you wish to see the Fon Saen Ha Buddha you may need to make the visit to the Temple, as the Image is so sacred to the people here I felt unable to photograph it.

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Wat Chang Taem

Wat Chang Taem in Chiang Mai, Thailand

50100 Chang Khlan
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