Khamtieng Plant Market is classified in the following categorie(s): Flowers & Plants

Khamtieng Plant market is a plant and garden market located behind Tesco Lotus - Khamtieng, on the super highway. More than 100 shops are located in this market, making it a paradise for gardener.

Khamtieng Plant market is an absolute must for garden lovers. Many shops offer general garden equipment such as fertilisers and planters, rocks, ponds and paving as well as other garden ornaments.
The shops at the market also have any type of plant and tree: climbers, hangers, seasonal flowering plants, orchids, ...

Some juice bars and coffee shops will allow you to relax in the shade, while enjoying the view on the beautiful gardens.

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Khamtieng Plant Market

Khamtieng Plant Market in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Behind the Khamtieng Tesco Lotus on the Superhighway (north)
50300 Pa Tan
Khamtieng Plant Market on the interactive online map Click on the map to see the exact location of Khamtieng Plant Market in Chiang Mai

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Written on Mar 19, 2015 at 04:08 AM by Ted We will coming to CM from Las Vegas next week for shopping and getting our new house there setup . I will be getting all my landscaping needs, trees, plants, fountain and more here when were there... Great place ! A must see !
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