Spotlight a gogo bar is classified in the following categorie(s): Bar Adult

If you are looking for sexy entertainment near Tha Phae gate, than you are right at Spotlight A GoGo in Chiang Mai.

The sexy hostesses will make your visit here in northern Thailand a bit sweeter.

The Thai Girls dancing on a table next to the Bar where you can buy beers, Cocktails and Spirits.
There is no admission fee at Spotlight and the prices are reasonable for an A GoGo Bar in Thailand. The most visitors are alone traveling mens who like to see beautiful Thai Bar Girls on the stack here at Spotlight Bar Chiang Mai.

This Nightlife location offers a good variety of drinks and sexy dance performances direct in the heart of Chiang Mai.

Spotlight A Go Go Bar hit the spot for travelers who want to get more than just a beer in a bar. Couples are as well welcome.

Sexy Thai Girls and cold Beer you get at Chiangmai’s Spotlight A GoGo Bar!

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Spotlight a gogo bar

Spotlight a gogo bar in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Kotchasan Road
50200 Sri Phum
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