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Relax at... Cheeva Life & Spa

Experience where the Nature can give touch of healing on your skin.
At The Cheeva Massage & Spa, you will be treated and nurtured by our qualified therapist.
Here we use the mixed quality Thai Herbal treatment whether it is oil herbal massage, Thai herbal steam or skin nourishment.

- 053 40 51 29

Reservation Hot Line:
- 081 96 10 578

- [email protected]

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Cheeva Spa

Cheeva Spa in Chiang Mai, Thailand

4/2 Hussadhisawee Road
50200 Sri Phum
Tel: +66 (0)53 40 51 29
Reservation hotline: +66 (0)81 961 05 78
Mobile: +66 (0)81 961 05 78
Email: [email protected]
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